Dental Implant Treatment in University Place, WA

Traditional dentures used to be the only way to replace a missing tooth or teeth, but fortunately, those days are in the past. Thanks to implant dentistry, Michael D. Johnson DDS PS is available to give you a long-lasting and effective way to replace missing teeth and enhance your smile. Made of synthetic yet biocompatible compounds, dental tooth implants are the best method for restoring an unsalvageable tooth that is decayed, cracked or worn down. If you’re in need of a dental implant treatment in the University Place, WA, area, reach out to our professional staff for skilled dental work. We have qualified dentists that provide dental implants, which mimic both the look and feel of your natural teeth.

How Implant Dentistry is Beneficial

A dental tooth implant procedure is a two-part process that involves anchoring an alloy post to the jawbone and attaching the restoration piece, which replaces the tooth. In dental implant treatments, the titanium alloy post will function as the new tooth’s root and is inserted in the gap left by your tooth’s natural root. You must allow enough time for your jaw and gums to heal before a custom-made dental crown can be adhered to the new implant. With professional implant dentistry, your tooth-colored crown will blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth, so you won’t have to worry about it being noticeable.

Once you’re healed, you’ll be set to consume food and beverages and smile concern-free. Because the dental tooth implant post requires a specified time to fuse to the jawbone, implants can take a while to complete. The recovery times for dental implant treatments tend to vary from a few months to a few weeks, depending on the person and the procedure. Our experienced dentist that provides dental implants in University Place can make this a simple and easy process with amazing final results.

Caring for Your Dental Tooth Implants

If you’re like many people, a missing tooth affects more than just your smile, which is why implant dentistry is such a popular option. It can alter your lifestyle by causing you embarrassment and making you self-conscious. When there are gaps between teeth, it can make adjacent teeth drift and diminish jawbone at the source of the tooth as well. That’s why dental tooth implant treatments greatly improve the quality of your life and oral health. You’ll be able to smile happily, eat normally and brush and floss regularly with reliable dental tooth implants.

Contact the Dental Implant Specialists

If you’re in University Place, WA, and are ready to get your grin back, then it’s time to consider implant dentistry. You’ll immediately feel the difference with your new dental tooth implants and will be glad you decided to invest in your oral health. Our knowledgeable dentists that provide dental implants are available for consultations to let you know your options. We can tell you if you’re a good candidate for the procedure and walk you through the process. Contact the professionals at Michael D. Johnson DDS PS today at 253-565-1695 to book an appointment for dental implant treatments.

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