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The professionals at Mark D. Johnson DDS PS are dentists that provide dental implants to patients near the Lakewood, WA area. We understand what an inconvenience missing teeth can be and the accompanying health issues that follow. That’s why we provide high-quality implant dentistry that will eliminate any issues you may be experiencing as a result. Dental implant treatments are a common practice that look and work just like a regular tooth. You will be pleased with your new look and you won’t have to pay an exorbitant amount either. Set an appointment with our staff to see what we can do for you.

What is Implant Dentistry?

A dental tooth implant is a great way to replace a tooth and mitigate the risk of jawbone loss. This procedure is done by inserting a small titanium screw into the jaw and attaching a tooth-colored crown to the top. Endosteal dental tooth implants are done this way but if there isn’t enough jawbone, a subperiosteal dental implant treatment is recommended. Either way, the new tooth will be ready for chewing, flossing and brushing without any issues after it’s healed. Talk to our dentists who provide dental implants for Lakewood, WA residents if you want more information.

Why Choose a Dental Tooth Implant?

If you’re dealing with the difficulties of absent teeth, you should consider the benefits of dental tooth implants. Dental implant treatments are secured in place and won’t budge while you talk, eat or clean your teeth. Other options like tooth-supported dentures, removable dentures and resin-bonded bridges, are not as stable as dental tooth implants. Implant dentistry is by far the better choice because there’s no need to grind down or attach anything to the adjacent teeth. On top of that, they are less susceptible to decay because flossing is easy and they look more realistic too. For these reasons, many patients have opted for implant dentistry and have achieved the comfort they were looking for.

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The dentists at Mark D. Johnson DDS PS are knowledgeable professionals with extensive experience in dental implant treatments. We have been practicing dentistry for over three decades and have the skills to give you a beautiful final result. Our commitment to customer care and high-quality dental procedures has made us a popular dental clinic in Lakewood, WA. Come see for yourself our state-of-the-art facility and the advanced dental technologies we utilize. We have the necessary tools and expertise in the dental field to make your dental tooth implant a smooth experience. We are the preferred choice in your area so don’t delay to get in touch.

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Our goal is to bring to fruition the spectacular smile you’ve always wanted. Whether you have one or multiple missing teeth, you don’t have to deal with the aggravations that come with this condition. Consult with our dentists to see which dental tooth implant would be most ideal for you. We’ll evaluate your oral health, take x-rays and suggest a solution that will remove any disruptions to your eating or oral hygiene routines. Call Mark D. Johnson DDS PS at 253-565-1695 for implant dentistry near Lakewood, WA.

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